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Videographer is ready to record the big jump!
Another successful recording of skydiving in California!
Don't forget your skydive video for your very first skydive; you'll be disappointed!

Share the adventure of a lifetime with your loved ones!

Your very first tandem skydiving experience in Modesto is a moment during your life that you will never want to forget. While the reflection may last in your head permanently, you will never be able to re-watch that wonderful day without a skydiving video package ! Not only will you get to look back on the moment whenever you want, but you can share the elation of your first skydive with friends and family, as well! Don't forget to inquire about our skydive video bundle when you call 661-241-0909 to purchase your skydive adventure!

Before take-off and as the plane climbs you will capture your thoughts for posterity with the cameramen from our affiliate network. From the start of your jump to the final touchdown, your cameraman will shoot your experience Give them a little something to see with a smile and a wave! Enjoy the solitude with the opening of the parachute, and the cameraman is going to meet you on the ground to catch you landing after your tandem skydiving experience. Be prepared for an interview as your videographer will want to capture your ideas on the experience for ever. Check skydiving off your bucket list! Your Modesto skydiving adventure is recorded for friends and family to watch at the next reunion, completed with the soundtrack of your choosing. Check on the videographer's availability when you make your Modesto Skydiving booking so you don't miss out on the opportunity to film.