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Do you think about having your very first solo jump? If so, you'll love learning to become a certified solo skydiver at Skydiving Near Modesto freefall school!

The most well-known method to obtain your "A License" is the Accelerated FreeFall (AFF) program which provides you an incredible freefall adventure. An AFF instruction course from Skydiving Near Modesto provides you with the skill levels needed to perform your first solo jump. The United States Parachute Association (USPA) endorsed course for new skydiving novices is named the "Integrated Student Program" (ISP). The United States Parachute Association's ISP sets Targeted Learning Objectives (TLOs) for a succession of 7 training levels. Each level's TLOs must be accomplished by the novice before they can move on to the next level. For levels 1 through 7, a licensed skydiving instructor (or multiple trainers) must accompany the student on each skydive. Once Level 7 has been completed by the student, they are then permitted to oversee themselves although most skydive centers will demand a skydiving coach to accompany them on subsequent skydives. Once the student has executed 25 skydives, and has their "A license" criteria signed off by an instructor or coach, they must complete an A License Check Dive with an instructor. Congratulations! The student has now gained their A License! While a license is not required to skydive lawfully, the USPA license will allow the skydiver to journey to other USPA member skydiving centers and use their license to prove they have the skills required to jump.

About Our Accelerated FreeFall Program

First time students in the Skydiving Near Modesto Accelerated FreeFall (AFF) training program are mandated to make their first 3 jumps with a pair of jump masters jumping along with them. The trainers freefall with the beginner and hold on until the student deploys their canopy at the proper altitude. Thus, this technique is referred to as ″ Harness Hold Training. ″ The Skydiving Near Modesto AFF coaches have no physical link to the student aside from their grasp on the student, so as soon as the student's canopy is deployed, the trainers fly away and deploy their own parachutes.

Deployment of the main parachute for students in the Accelerated FreeFall training program is normally 5,500 feet above ground level. If the student experiences trouble in the release of their parachute, our coaches first use hand signals to advise the student to "Pull." Typically, the hand signals are enough to remind the student jumper to deploy their chute, but if the student still does not react, the instructor will try to position the student's hand on the pilot chute release. If the student continues to be nonresponsive, the instructor will release the chute for them. Student gear has added "pull" handles installed and coaches can release the student's parachute any time they seem to be at risk. The student's safety is always our most important consideration.

Demonstrating the correct freefall procedures, the student will be allowed to release their own parachute unassisted. Once this is done properly, in sequence, the trainers will consider the student prepared for diving independently. This is done through a sequence of release dives wherein the instructor may not be able to dock and assist, so it's crucial that the student has grasped the skills required to deploy their own parachute.

Trainers on all AFF skydives have a minimum altitude in which they must pull their own canopy and protect their own life. All student rigs are equipped with an "Automatic Activation Device" (AAD) which will automatically release the parachute if they cross the preset altitude limitation at freefall speeds. Although it is extremely rare that a student will have an AAD activation, this final level of protection safeguards the student as much as possible from the consequences of being out of control or not being able to open their own chute.

While the instructors freefall with the trainee, they have the ability to correct the student's body position and other concerns by interacting with the student using hand signals in freefall and debriefing the student and conducting corrective training after the skydive. When the student advances to more advanced levels, he or she learns flying maneuvers such as freefall speed control, flying forward, executing turns as well as flips! These maneuvers are necessary as they show the instructor that the student has the competency to restore control even after dealing with instability and disorientation. Every Accelerated FreeFall skydive at Skydiving Near Modesto is progressive in nature, building on skills previously mastered.

When the student has completed all "Targeted Learning Objectives" (TLOs,) the trainer is then able to validate that all requirements have been met. Aerial instructors are not the only coaches assisting students at Skydiving Near Modesto. There are also dropzone staff who stay in radio contact with the student while they are flying their parachute. In the event of radio malfunction, however, it is vital that the student knows the fundamental skills of flying under their parachute.

After finishing the Accelerated FreeFall at a Skydiving Near Modesto affiliate dropzone, you are urged to join the United States Parachute Association. Begin earning your A License! Call Skydiving Near Modesto at 661-241-0909 now!