What age do you need to be to skydive in Modesto?

All participants who are planning to skydive near Modesto are required to sign a waiver before performing their first skydive. Because this waiver is a legal contract, all skydivers must be at least 18 years of age. This is applicable when skydiving in Modesto, California, or any location within our network inside the entire country.

What exactly can you expect to pay for skydiving jumps?

How much money it costs to skydive depends on the type of dive you book. For the best rate, choose a tandem skydiving jump. What you pay also depends upon present gasoline rates as well as the season. To find out more about our rates, please contact us directly and let our experts address your concerns.

Is a video of my skydiving jump provided to me?

You can always relive your experience from the moment you board the plane to the dive when you purchase a Skydiving Near Modesto video package. As a portion of the package, our videographers will conduct a short conversation with you before you get on the plane and on the plane as you ascend. You'll receive the entire process of your jump as the videographer will make your jump with you in order to record your freefall as well. We'll even record those last moments when you land as the videographer will ground before you do.

Could skydivers bring their own digital cameras for their dive?

We encourage individuals to bring along their own video cameras! You can not, though, bring your own video camera aboard the airplane or record your skydiving jump yourself.

How high and at what speed can I expect to go during my skydive?

The altitude that each jump is performed at is dependent on the weather and wind for the day. Most tandem skydives are conducted at a maximum of 14,000 feet over the ground. You can expect to reach speeds of up to 120mph within the first couple seconds of your freefall.

Will my group of friends all jump simultaneously?

We help you to ensure you get the group you prefer together, when possible. You might be able to jump together, but think about a couple of things first. There is a very short delay in between you and each and every jumper from the aircraft, which means that you may not freefall and canopy ride at the same moment. A number of our skydivers choose to go on separate turns so they can see their loved ones freefall then land on the ground.

Suppose someone really wants to come along with you however does not prefer to dive?

We help make it simple for your friends to see you jump! However, please keep in mind individuals who do not wish to dive are not able to board the airplane with you.